The 5 Best Solar Gadgets for 2011

The combination of cool and quirky gadgets with alternative energy is a perfect mix. Solar gadgets are fantastic quirky desk toys, eco gifts for difficult to buy presents and great learning tools for children to understand how solar power works. Most gadgets rely on battery power and as you know batteries are one of the most eco toxic disposable products we use. Solar gadgets are the kind of items you never knew you needed until you used it, and then you can't live without it. The recommendation for best solar gadgets of 2011:

#5 Cute solar toy crazy cricket. The tiny insect will vibrate, dance around and chirp when charged by the sun's energy. A novelty little toy which children will love and adults will borrow to play with on their desk at work. It is impossible to play with the crazy cricket and not smile.

#4 Solar radio. Anyone who travels or goes camping will understand how useful a solar radio can be. Wind-up dynamo powered and solar powered radios have brought music and entertainment to many people who previously had no access to power. A solar radio doesn't just have to be for an adventure travel you can get plenty of benefit at home by helping keep domestic energy bills down. Or the solar radio is perfect for on a boat where every bit of battery power is precious. Keep up with the cricket whilst drifting on the big blue.

#3 Solar shaver. Not everyone immediately thinks of solar power and shavers in the same sentence but a solar travel shaver left in the car can prove to be invaluable if you are late for a meeting and need to smarten up. Even on a jungle trek you can keep clean shaven and keep beard itch at bay.

#2 Solar desk toys. Do you remember the craze for cats cradles and magnetic sculptures made up of tiny metal stars which sat on nearly ever executive eighties desk? Desk toys are still popular and you can be a real envy at work with a stunning solar wind turbine working model. The solar toy sits on your desk and rotates hypnotically, soothing and de-stressing the mind when you have a problem to consider. Tall, elegant and a sleek design, the aluminum turbine makes any desk look good.

#1 Solar wireless keyboard. Straight in at number one for this year is the amazing new keyboard from Logitech. Once upon a time keyboards were chunky and clunky, with short tangles of cables. Desktops then evolved to wireless keyboards, de-clutter became the buzz word and desks began to take on a zen like minimalism in the absence of spaghetti wires. Now all other keyboards can step aside: the solar wireless keyboard is sleek, super thin, super light, stylish and has beautiful laptop style keys for silky keystrokes.

A must have for any hip desk in 2011. Just make sure it doesn't disappear onto somebody else's desk!
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Solar gadgets make perfect presents or quirky learning tools for kids. Lots of solar articles and advice on site.


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