Side Effects of Portable Solar Panels

It is thought that alternative energy may be the savior of our modern economy. As oil has been in the past and computers in the more recent past, once a generation or so something come along that can totally change the game. Alternative energy has the capacity to be that game changer.

I am specifically talking about solar energy no offense to the other fabulous options. I particularly like solar for a few reasons.

Highly portable

Portable photovoltaic panels can be seen everywhere these days. They started out in watches years ago and

have moved to higher cost items but now you are starting to see them in sporting good stores being sold to use on camping trips or in a pinch when you need a cell phone charge. It is going to be no time at all until we start to see them on actual cell phones. You can get backpacks with built in portable solar panels. There are even clothing lines that sport solar technology. The sky is really the limit when it comes to portable solar panels.


Solar panels are great because you can integrate them into a building structure much more easily than say a wind turbine. They can be put on roof or built into siding. They can be applied to windows or they can be set up in a decorative fashion. The point being that they can be used in the building without compromising structural integrity or drastically changing the structure.


Older model solar panels have a life expectancy of 20-30 years. New solar panels are even better. They are still expensive but if you factor in the price you pay per year of service they are dirt cheap compared to other forms of electricity. Closely related to this is that photovoltaic panels don't have any moving parts, they are maintenance free. Put them up and leave them alone, just let them soak up electricity. The only thing you might need to replace would be the battery or transformer. Maintenance free is a big plus. If I can put it up and not think about it, its a winner.

No Other Side Effects

Wind turbines kill birds and change wind flow. Nuclear? Well lets just say I don't want that in my backyard. Wave generators, disrupt tides and fish populations. Fuel cells, they still haven't figured this out. Hydroelectric, dams are hugely destructive. All of these other options require a huge amount of maintenance and have some sort of negative side effect. Solar is totally passive and causes absolutely no harm to the environment.

So weather you are interested in DIY Solar Panels for your home or portable solar panels for the trail there is something for you.

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By Nathan Bills

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