The Development Of Photovoltaic In New Emerging Market

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It is predicated that the installment of photovoltaic in Germany will reach the peak in the next year, and the new emerging places of the solar energy module will in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Fourteen places had taken ninety-five percent of the installment all over the world; therefore, the new emerging markets are expected to solve the saturation problem in the developed market. The ratio takes by the new emerging markets will increase from five percent to twenty-five percent in the year of 2014.
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The Asia market will install most of the photovoltaic in the year of 2014, which will increase from 315MW to 3443MW. Europe, Middle East and Africa markets rank after the Asia market, and they will increase from 197MW to 2152MW. Currently, the installment is the most active, including China, Japan, Korea and so on. Germany is the largest photovoltaic market, and its quantity of installment reaches 8782MW in the end of 2010. But the Germany will reach the peak in the next year, and then it will decline gradually.

India will be in the leading position in the Asia market which has large population and increasing demand of electricity. The other Asian countries also made the positive development plan of photovoltaic market, including Malaysia and Philippines. What is more, Thailand has declaimed that it will establish a large-scale solar energy facility. In the new emerging market of Europe and Middle East, the solar energy is entering the small districts, including Israel, Turkey, Egypt and The United Arab Emirates. The long sunshine time and low influence of the environment enable the solar energy develop well in these districts. Because of the long sunshine time, Australia is also suitable to develop the photovoltaic, but its population is small. Therefore, it is predicated that its installment will increase in the future, but the scale is still small than the other districts. The related integrated circuit is HT7044A.

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