Magnetic Energy Generator Cost Vs Solar Panels Cost

Many people think only about solar panels as a way to generate an alternative source of energy and which can help them sever their dependence on power companies so that they can go "off grid". However, there are other alternatives to solar panels and using a magnetic energy generator is one of them. Magnets are capable of generating electricity as well and a magnetic energy generator is much more affordable than installing solar panels will be.
The Cost Of Solar Panels
Solar panels have been used for many years to convert solar radiation into electrical current. They generate electricity which can be stored in a collector, making it possible to power a home or building even when the sun is not shining.
Most studies have shown that you can expect to pay between $6 and $9 per watt of solar energy for a system that is installed for you. Overall, for a system that you have professionally installed you may spend between $30,000 and $40,000. This includes solar panels, an inverter box and the wiring which will carry your solar electricity through your home
. A system that you install yourself can still cost about $4.50 per watt of solar energy.
The panels themselves will vary in cost depending on how much energy you will want to generate. The best way to find out the cost will be to look at your energy bills and calculate the cost after looking online to find the exact cost of the panels you will be using.
If that seems like a huge investment, you may want to look at the cost of building and installing a magnetic energy generator.
The Cost Of Magnetic Generators

The cost of building a magnetic generator is generally much lower than that of a solar generator. Depending on the model and size of the unit you will construct, you may be able to build a generator for as little as $60- $100. This is quite a bit less than a solar system which you make yourself.
Unlike a do it yourself solar system, building a magnetic generator can be much more simple and often uses materials which you can find around your home or at any hardware store.
Other Advantages Of Magnetic Generators

There are other advantages to using magnets to generate electricity. Many solar panel systems take up a lot of room especially if you are using low-efficiency panels to keep the cost of your system as low as possible. You may find that if you are using broken solar panels that have been welded together as many people do that you end up with a massive panel that can take up a lot of room on your property.
A magnetic generator however actually takes up very little room. Because the magnets are all contained in a housing that is quite compact they can often be stored in a cupboard or closet if they are not being used continually.

A magnetic generator can also be located anywhere that is convenient. They do not depend on a steady supply of sunlight and can be fantastic for areas that do not have ideal weather conditions.
If you research both methods of generating electricity, you will find that a magnetic generator can help you create the power you need at an excellent cost.
To learn more about how to construct your own magnetic energy generator and see magnetic generator plans, visit Magnetic Energy Source.

By Neil_Morrical
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