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The right solar gadgets can save your life, if you are prepared. There are many tools, medical kits, and other life saving equipment out there, but are you choosing the right ones. A lot people stock up on batteries, which end up in spending a lot on batteries. The main reason that people are stocking up on batteries are for flashlights, lanterns, other portable electronics, well today I will tell you one tool that can and will save your life.
I was skimming though out the internet looking for some emergency supplies and I came across a device called the Hybrid SolarLite. This sounded really cool, and the price looked even better. I did some research and I even called Linda, she is one of the top ladies there. She told me some very important useful information I will share with you.
If you were to buy this solar flashlight it can last a single charge for 3 years. That is really awesome because when I have an area in my home for emergency supplies, I usually like to know that every works. I found out that 8 hours of charge in the sunlight, but hear this in roomlight will last up to 10 hours of continuous light.
One of the things I learned was that if you charged this solar gadget everyday, because you had to use it everyday you would be buying new batteries for free like every 5 hours because the batteries are rechargable. WOW...That is where they sold me. To think that I never have to buy new batteries for my emergency flashlight, and as long as there is sunlight, which just in about every country at least 1 or 2 times a week the sun shows itself. That the solar charger will be recharged for free. This solar gadget realistically pays for itself in about month if you were to compare it to how many times you buy batteries for your flashlight over a course of 6 months. I really like this product and I highly recommend it.
The other feature is that it is waterproof up to 80 feet. I am not a diver or big time swimmer, I figured people would love to know in case they fish at night, or swim, or boat. But do not worry about losing it in the water because it floats. This is a super packed about 5 in one flashlight, which will actually last.
I read somewhere and watched their videos which said it is perfect to put in your glove box or fishing box, boating cargo area. You can place these Solar Gadgets anywhere and use it anywhere!
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