A New Solution to Building Solar Panels Around Anything

Recently conducted research in a lab has found a new way that we can incorporate solar cells. Basically the technology put in simple terms is "stretchable solar cells". Unbelievable? Yes it is, but it's possible. The creator likes to call it the "super skin". Besides being stretchable they are flexible too. They can be stretched up to 30% beyond their normal length.

Uses for the flexible solar cells
"One of the applications where stretchable solar cells would be useful is in fabrics for uniforms and other clothes," says one of the students. And quite a lot of other uses too. If you think about it, some vehicles would be able to adapt this flexible, stretchable material around the body. Or homes could use them around different locations of their homes not just the roofs.

We've already seen car companies use similar technology on the roofs of vehicles to power air-conditioning and other uses. The question is really what else can we use this technology for.
The greatest benefit with this new tech is that more people can get creative about how to make solar panels from their homes. No longer do they just have to make roof solar panels, but they can incorporate it around their entire homes and all sorts of portable devices to do the fact that this could also mean lighter solar cells.

It's going to be interesting to see what people make from using the super skin technology with solar panels. I think we haven't really seen a tip of what the future holds. Not only is this useful for people who make PV panels, but very interesting as well.

How will you use this new solar technology?
The future will bring much better technology as you can see, and all of it will get cheaper as it usually does, because demand grows and all the other factors of the economy. But we need to take action and begin to use the power of the sun to create electricity in our homes. We need to stop paying for it and start making it.

There is no excuse for not doing it. Nowadays you can go online and find solar cells for less than $50 and build a 60 watt panel for the price of two full tanks of gas. It's just a decision you need to make on your own. What are you going to do? Will you join the solar energy bandwagon and start saving money and the environment or will you keep paying extra for what you can get for free?

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By John_Bahamon
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