Bridging the Gap Between Going Off The Grid and Surviving

Going off grid with solar--and batteries

Living Off the Grid in Style: An Interview with Super-Homesteader Jane Dawson

I am not really sure what is happening in this country. Five years ago the economy was incredibly strong, the housing marketing was doing very well and most people had equity in their homes.

 Like a great many people you probably bought your house while the market was on that upswing anticipating that it would continue to increase in value. And it did for a while but the economy tanked. I don't know about you, blaming the politicians is fun and it makes us feel better, but there comes a point when we have to take matters into our own hands. I needed to start saving money, like now! I can't wait for things to turn around. That's why I made the decision to learn how to build solar panels.

I looked into the cost of buying panels for my home and I just couldn't afford them. I work hard. I don't spend more than I earn. I am not different than most people. I have accepted that the economy might not change or bounce back. But quite honestly, I don't want to take the plunge to go off grid entirely. I like my life. I don't like paying through the nose for my electricity. Once I learned how to make solar panels and install them myself, my bill went down. Most months I don't even owe a dime on the bill and some months I get money back from the power company. This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't learned how to build solar panels and learned how to save energy. I was like you, living paycheck to paycheck.

 I am frugal and make sure I turn off lights when I leave the room, but somehow that wasn't enough. My bill was still creeping up month after month. So I did a little research on the Internet. I typed in, "How to Build Solar Panels." At first I worried that I'd come up with all these companies who were happy to sell me solar panels at tens of thousands of dollars. But to my pleasant surprise I found a site that really helped me learn how to build solar panels.

I wanted to save money doing it too. Learning how to build solar panels for me isn't about spending a whole lot of money and time doing it. If I had all the money that these celebrities have, I could just call a company, schedule a date and have them come out and install a bunch of panels. Now, that's not me. I am pretty handy and I built my own shed for tools and so I knew I could learn how to build a solar panel.

I live in the suburbs. I have a modest house, an economical car. I am not showy or flashy. But I won't lie to you. I love when people come over and compliment my solar panels. I sort of feel like I live off the grid even though I live in the burbs. Why? Since I learned how to build solar panels and I installed them myself, I watched my electricity bill all but disappear. First it dropped in half. Next month I owed literally a dime and by the third month it was a zero balance and now? I even get reimbursed by the power company sometimes. So I feel like I am off grid even though I am suburban homeowner. But if I hadn't learned how to build solar panels, you know where I would be? In the poor house for certain!

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