The Current Situation of Solar Energy in USA and Japan


Solar is a sustainable use of clean energy. In the search for sustainable development of human society, energy-saving building on the increasing use of solar energy is getting worldwide attention.
The status of solar energy use in United States is getting better!

In United States, total energy consumption in building comes up to 30% -90%. It is becoming a certain form of economic development constraints role. Therefore, American development of solar energy is growing very rapidly.

In order to reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution and adjust energy structure, to achieve sustainable development, United States made a positive exploration of solar energy. "A million solar roofs plan" is the largest in the progressive realization of the project plan.

The U.S. plan is geared to the 21st century by a government advocacy. It is a development of medium and long-term plan. By implementation of this plan, there will be 1 million roofs or buildings installed with solar energy systems, including solar photovoltaic systems, solar water heating systems and solar air heater system. By implementation of this plan, solar energy technology applications will be further expanded, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, expand energy choices and create new high-tech jobs. It will bring substantial environmental benefits and economic benefits. By 2010, millions of the roof will be equivalent to production of 2-3 coal-fired electricity power plants. It will not only meet their own electricity needs, but also been able to sell electricity generated by solar energy.

Recently, U.S. scientists find new energy from the vastness of space. Scientists envisaged launch the satellite energy collecting device. The solar panel installed in the satellite can collect energy in space, and the collection of energy as microwave will be transferred back to Earth, and then converted into direct current. It will provide cheap, clean, safe, reliable, sustainable energy.
Japanese current situation in construction of solar energy utilization is very nice!

As the second-largest economy, Japan is the primary energy consumption in major countries, and they are depending on energy imports. However, in recent years, Japanese energy-saving technologies to significantly improve energy efficiency are getting better rapidly.

In the field of solar energy use, Japanese photovoltaic roof system were installed 887,000 kilowatts by the end of 2003.Japanese government plans to install 4.82 million kilowatts by 2010.

In Japan, solar energy is very common in ordinary residential quarters. The residential quarters of the energy conservation efforts is clearly promulgated by the Japanese construction regulations and standards. There are many specific energy-saving measures for lighting. In energy-saving, the Japanese residential quarters are in the common application of solar energy, and it is mostly passive solar house system.

 Absorbing through the roof panels that efficiently collecting solar energy, it will enter the indoor with thermal (cold) wind according to interior rooms automatically. It can supply hot water as well. The utilization of solar energy in Residential Area can not only save power, but can also improve, protect the environment. It is also in line with community building in the sustainable development of energy-saving in one direction. It is getting Japanese government's attention, Support and encouragement.

These two countries are all doing very well in the solar energy industry. Their scientists are working very hard on this solar energy development as well. There are still a lot of obstacles in the development of solar energy. In the near future, the solar energy utilization will be more important as the shortage of oil. So it is time for us to pay attention to this industry!
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