Christmas Gifts for Women: Citizen Eco-Drive Watches

You may not think a watch is a great Christmas gift for women. However, you are hugely mistaken. Besides makeup and a purse, a watch and other jewelry are staples that she will use on a daily basis. If you are considering purchasing a watch as a Christmas gift for the special woman in your life, Citizen Eco-Drive watches are the way to go. They are economically and environmentally friendly.

These watches come with a variety of dial colors. So picking the favorite color that the woman you are buying the watch for is an easy choice. Many of the watches also have Swarovski Crystals or diamonds around the face and some on the band. The sterling silver watches, with a black dial and crystals or diamonds are stunningly beautiful! They also have some water proof watches for swimmers, divers, and people who are around or in water a lot. Watch materials include titanium, sterling silver, 18 karat gold, two-tone, and gold-tone. They also have different strap types that you can choose from. Pick the one that will best suit her based on her life-style.

These watches are not insanely expensive like some other timepieces. Prices can range from $150-$400. Depending on the site and if you stumble across a sale, you can find the watch a great sale price. You may also want to get an extended warranty on the watch if the site sells them. If not, the watches do come with a limited warranty from the Citizen company.

The beauty of the Citizen Eco-Drive watches is that she will never have to get the battery replaced. I do mean never. These watches are powered through solar panels and have no battery. Since they have no battery they will never need to be taken to a repair shop to get a battery change. Every time the watch is in sunlight it is recharging. If the watch does stop ticking, it just needs to be exposed to sunlight. Now this technology is truly green! These watches are environmentally friendly and most people will not even know you are helping the environment and just admire this look of this great watch.

These watches are great for the special woman in your life and will certainly make a unique Christmas gift for her once you explain all of its features. She will definitely think of you every time she puts her watch on or takes it off. Since the battery dies, her memory of you will never die either.

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