Tesla Generator: Free Electricity Using a Free Energy Generator

The Tesla generator is a type of magnetic free energy generator that can provide you with free electricity. Power costs are rapidly increasing in the 21st century, and the world is in the hands of the oil-rich countries. Being able to generate your own free power would give you a great deal of financial security and make you less dependent on frequently unreliable renewal energy sources.

Oil production is very commercial, and the oil producers will have a natural tendency to sell to the highest bidder. With the ongoing tension in the Middle East involving many of the OPEC countries, oil supplies are far from stable and secure. Not only that, but an even greater impact is being made to oil prices and availability to the West by the Chinese industrial revolution.

Once a fairly small energy consumer, China surpassed the USA as the world's largest energy consumer in 2010. This naturally results in a hike in oil prices, and also impacts on the price of all other non-renewable energy sources such as gas and coal.
The Tesla Generator

By using the zero point Tesla generator, it is possible to generate electrical power for next to nothing. This type of magnetic generator can produce electrical power virtually free of charge. You can construct the equipment yourself and generate your own free electricity almost continuously.
Named after the Serbian-American inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla, the principle behind the Tesla generator involves magnetic forces that can create very near to a perpetual motion machine. Tesla had a dream of free energy for everybody, and the magnetic generator has almost achieved that. Not quite, however, because perpetual motion is a theoretical impossibility, and to date also a practical one.

Solar Thermal Power: Stay Cool In The Summer Heat

can be produced any place the sun's rays can reach. This type of power will last longer than mankind lives.

Why Solar Thermal Energy Power Works
The best part of solar thermal energy is that it's free and, due to the improvement of technology, it's easier to change over into electricity a household can use. Photovoltaic cells are more effective; batteries are inexpensive and quite efficient at storing excess energy. That means solar thermal power systems can be set up with little difficulty.

Water Heaters - Electric Vs Gas

Gas vs. Electric Heating
My goal as a water heater advisor is to save you money. How does your water heater relate to your wallet? Most likely, one utility will be less expensive to operate than the other. My guess is most households do not have a preference. The area in which you live might dictate the type of water heater you will install. Certain areas of the country are predominately gas, while others are mainly electric. If you have a choice, hopefully this info will help you decide. You can save from the start by choosing the correct heater for your household.

Assuming you have a choice, how do you choose? Ask yourself if the present heater does a sufficient job. Does it supply enough hot water for your family? If you're replacing an existing water heater, check to see what type you have now. Is it gas, electric or even propane? If your heater has done a good job for your family, why not stay with the same type? Usually that will be an easier and less expensive installation.

Quite a Revolution Taking Place With Solar Panels

When people talk about solar panels, they are essentially talking about photovoltaic panels that take energy from the sun and convert it into electrical energy. Because the sun is a practically inexhaustible source of energy, the hope among many researchers is that new technologies that utilize solar panels can eventually begin to produce enough electricity for the planet so that we can finally begin to decrease our dependencies on fossil fuels.