You've Heard About Solar Panels Made From Blueberries? It's True Enough!

Believe it or not!
Blueberries are some of the most healthy foods on the planet. The berry itself has a range of flavors - from mildly sweet to tart and tangy. It also has significant health benefits. And now, blueberries are showing promise in assisting with our energy problems!

When a person decides to install solar power into his home or into the appliances of his daily life, he may think that he is living the natural lifestyle. Not only is he protecting the environment and also reducing dependency on the power grid and the need for foreign oil, but he is also saving money. If you want to go to solar power for a naturalistic approach, you may be surprised that solar power cells using blueberries instead of silicon in their makeup are currently being tested.

Blueberries are a healthy food and have all kinds of holistic health properties. They have been known to help a variety of health problems. Through technology they may be helping our energy problems also. Researchers at Tufts University analyzed more than 50 fruits for their antitoxins and capability. Amazingly, blueberries came at the top of that list. So now the blueberry is not only a health benefit, but researchers in Rome have announced that they have a new type of solar panel made with the pigments of the blueberries in which we eat every day.

They propose that they can make a solar panel that has no silicon whatsoever in it. This will make solar panels cheaper and more efficient. Since it is made with a natural material instead of silicon, the solar panel will be more flexible. Researchers contend that they can have a solar panel so thin that it could be transparent and still wrap around any solid object.

The production of solar panels and the cost of silicon has kept the technology of solar power expensive. It is believed that with a renewable organic compound made from the pigment of blueberries, the cost of creating a solar panel could decrease as much as 15% or more. This would create more electronic currents which the user could utilize. The research team in Rome has decided to develop the pigment solar panel more thoroughly before releasing the technology to solar power companies for further research and implementation.
This would make for an entirely natural process. Not only would you be using a renewable energy from a plant that can be grown just for the need of energy, but can also be used as an antioxidant and a healthy part of any diet. The transparent solar panel that can be created from the blueberry's pigment could be applied to the sides of houses, on the rooftops, on the sides of solar powered cars, and even solar powered boats. The uses are endless with a transparent solar panel. No more will you see the bulky metal frame solar powered panels jetting from the rooftops of houses or littering the backyards with unsightly clutter.

If you are thinking about converting your house over to solar power, you might want to really research the use of blueberry pigment solar panels. Check and see if the technology will be available to the public in the near future. You can save lots of money and also be able to make your house more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. There is no limit to the places you can put a flexible solar panel. They can be fastened on the side of a shed, the copier doghouse, or just wrapped around your clothesline support poles.

 The possibilities are endless with a little creativity and imagination.
Keep an eye on the Web for more developments in this new technology and you might even want to invest in a company that's coming out with it. Newer solar panels using only organic materials -- such as the pigments of blueberries -- are achieving an efficiency of 4 percent in laboratory tests and hybrid panels created from a mixture of organic and inorganic material are already demonstrating efficiency rates of 10 percent or more, which is close to what current commercial panels offer.
So, if the blueberry panel is no less efficient than a silicon panel and the cost to produce it is less, your payback period will reduce making blueberry solar technology even more attractive. We plan on monitoring the situation and will keep you informed.

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