Cheap Solar Energy at Home With Help From the Government

President Obama Visits Green Energy Start-Up Solyndra

Solar and renewable power projects have become so popular over the last few years that some state and federal governments now run programs that offer economic incentives to invest in solar energy projects. This is yet another reason to consider solar for the home.

Quite apart from the economic considerations, who wants to continue to invest in methods which involve the United States paying billions of dollars to foreign governments, many of whom are unfriendly or passive at best, in return for fuel....

A federal energy bill offers tax rebates for solar energy projects undertaken by the homeowner. Renewable energy incentives were recently included in the government's $700b "bailout" bill, much to the relief and joy of environmentalists and the renewable energy industry itself. It seems that the new Obama administration is keen to jump on the green bandwagon too. Recent comments from the president-elect should provide additional incentive for the homeowner to invest, as Mr Obama intends to invest 150B in green energy programs and projects, creating five million jobs in the next decade.

Far from being either too expensive or too difficult for a typical homeowner to undertake, solar power production in the home is a very reasonable and realistic proposition. The materials necessary for this project are readily available and, when completed and installed, solar energy can produce the majority of a home owner's needs for domestic purposes - heating, cooling, lighting and so on.

Many Americans are taking advantage of the current economic environment and consulting with their tax advisors to consider a home solar power project - it makes sense all around.
Solar power at home makes sense on so many fronts and it does not have to be either expensive or very time consuming. More information is available here - Solar Power Home Now []

By Terence_L_McManus
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