Comparing and Contrasting Oil and Solar Power As Energy Sources

Definitely, solar power and oil based fuels have a common purpose; to power technology. Even though they both appear to offer us energy to power the world they do have great differences in them that separates them completely. More than just using them to power our everyday activities, we should know their characteristics to gain a better choice.

Price. Oil based products came from the dead plants and animals long before we've had invented electronics and cars. And from a base product, it is converted into many forms we have now like gasoline and diesel. But these process, from pumping out from the ground to the refineries, it would take a lot of manpower and machinery thus resulting to a high and fluctuating price we have now. Solar power is quite different, it literally comes from nature. This energy has been here ever since the sun came to exist, fact is fossil fuels got their energy from the sun. This sun's energy is available to anyone and it's free.

Availability. It is a vital part for an energy source to have an ample amount of supply to cater the growing need. By this it should be handling the demand with ease. Oil based products, though may have appeared to cater the whole world, does not really have an everlasting supply. The present supply is limited and in order to replenish it, it would require years, thousands of years. Solar power on the other hand is given off by the sun everyday without having to wait for years to replenish it. That would result to an economic stability for developing countries.

Transportation. Oil based energy may not be sourced all over the world, there's just several countries which do have the proven reserve for it. And other countries which also use these products would have to wait for weeks, if not months, in order to get hold of it. Though the supply all over the world is being replenished continually, it is inevitable that some unfortunate things could happen like accidents. This could cause shortage on the supply which can cripple economy. But when a country would consider, even on the very least percentage, solar power chances like these is at minimum. This could make nations prosper even the supply for oil based fuels would be altered.

Environmental concern. It is a fact that oil based product emits harmful fumes and other by products. Even when used in small amounts, it can still produce emissions which can cause a lot of trouble for our environment. This one side of using oil based products that we cannot ignore these days. Good thing more and more people have joined in changing their ways in sourcing their energy supply. Alternative energy like solar power never emits emissions so you can be sure that you'll be using clean and safe energy source.

Progress should never be the reason to sacrifice our environment. With technological advancement we have, we should take part and use it to balance our needs. Changing our ways is never too late. Changing for the better, with a better energy source, is best dealt with alternative energy like solar power.

Build stronger tomorrow, use alternative power source.

By Lowell_Sansolis
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