Solar Panels by Night

How to bank on solar panels at night
Making the most of the solar radiation that reaches our atmosphere is the need of the hour. Sadly, the rate at which we are using this non-exhaustible source of energy in the form of solar panels is very slow and without regard for the huge savings that can be invited upon our homes, offices and lifestyles.

Sourcing energy by day and night
Our fossil fuels are bound to get exhausted sooner or later. The consequence is that the depleting quantities have raised prices and made the availability of fuel a luxury! Not only is the energy from the sun trapped by the solar panels cost efficient but also green, safe and completely dependable. Solar energy is without a doubt the best replacement we have for fuel on our planet. In the near future harnessing and reusing solar power by night is going to be the clarion call of governments and environmentalists.

So, how is solar power sourced at night? Well, it is imperative to understand that solar power is derived out of the heat and light of the sun. Solar panels help to capitalize on this important component and the star of our galaxy. Solar power generation can even work to light up your home at night. The very basics of solar energy tell us that the light and heat that reaches the surface of our planet during the day is trapped within the atmosphere and then bounces off the surface at night. With the help of the solar panels it is now possible to capture the sunlight and heat and convert it to electrical energy. This need not be used immediately. It is stored in special cells or batteries and then routed and distributed as and when required.

The panels are designed to absorb the radiated heat and store the direct sunlight for later consumption. Solar panels comprise photovoltaic cells, made from semiconductors. It is common to find silicon in the photovoltaic cells which frees the electrons and leave them routed to the positive connection within the design. This is then positively charged by boron and the result is electrical current! The energy thus produced by the sun during the hours of the daylight can be used for electricity generation by night.

What happens is that the trapped current is converted into a voltage in the solar cell. The formed direct current or DC is then stored in a battery within an inverter. Though the process requires sunlight, the energy saved in the form of electricity can be used at night. The use of solar power to light up your house calls for a basic education on the working and efficiency of solar panels at night and during winter. Although these times are when less amount of or no sunlight reaches the panels, the stored energy is pulled into action. Conservation of solar energy even allows you to strike a deal with the local utility grid or special outlets called battery banks. They in turn pay you for sourcing the stored energy or electricity you have at hand!

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