Why the World Still Uses Coal, Oil and Natural Gas

Coal, oil, and natural gas are still dominant sources of energy despite the fact that renewable energy is getting more and more supporters. Wind power and solar power are becoming increasingly popular but coal, oil and natural gas have founded our economies and industries meaning they still have very strong political support.

Fossil fuels have more than just history on their side, what they also have is advantage in costs. Renewable energy is sadly still significantly expensive option compared to fossil fuels, and lower costs are really the key component that gives fossil fuels an edge.

Renewable energy technologies are constantly developing, and their development is dropping prices so they are getting near the prices of fossil fuels (especially wind power that is currently the cheapest renewable energy option). However getting near doesn't seem to be enough, and coal is thus still the most dominant energy source in the world, and world's greatest source of electricity.
In about 150 years time fossil fuels would likely be depleted, and world will have to have a decent replacement ready. From the current point of view using renewables looks like the only option capable to replace coal, oil, and natural gas but this is far future from where we are looking today.

We must not forget that fossil fuel burning does great damage to our planet in form of global warming phenomenon, and if the current scientific prediction about future climate are right we definitely do not have 150 years at our disposal to make the energy switch towards using more renewables. We really need to act much sooner.

Ned Hall firmly believes that one day wind and solar power will become dominant energy sources and in order to make that happen renewable energy sources need more promotion. In order to do so he has written many interesting solar energy articles as well as many other interesting wind energy articles

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