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The way to use free energy is a secret, but it is now revealed for whom is reading this article. Although people have searched for the appropriate source of energy to use, for example: solar energy,
wind power, etc, they have not found a perfect answer. Yet, there is one kind that would save you a great amount of money when using it. What you need is just 100 dollars to buy the necessary things from your local store.

You haven't heard of it because it is a secret. The investors were afraid of the threat this device may pose to other energy companies so they kept it in the dark for 90 years. Actually Nikola Tesla had this idea way back in 1934, and he announced that "I have harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to operate a motive device".

The investors at that time were afraid that this device would put an end to the billion dollars industry. With the withdrawal of them, Tesla could not complete his project and all of his files were seized and never released. It is not until now that a group of scientists found Tesla's files and continue his work. They did not keep those for themselves but have shared those documents with the following steps. You can build your own household-seize generator to use at your home which can supply electricity for your TV, fridge, washing machine, etc.

Even if you are in mountainous area, you can still use this generator when you do not want to use sun energy. You can also bring it with you when you go camping. Now you are able to use electricity devices like light bulb right in the nature. And the most convenient thing about this device is that you can build it when you have spare time.

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